Thursday, November 5, 2009

Enjoying the Good Stuff

After getting my Hair done....(yes, 9 nine hours after arriving in Utah i was already off to the
salon) ((  In my previous post.....when i said "salon here i come"   I was for real!))

So after getting my hair done.....

(((And feeling a bazillion times better about aging i might add)))

I headed home to get the Kiddos dressed in their decadent lil' Halloween

We jammed out to Flying Purple People Eater and Monster Mash

while readying ourselves for the evenings festivities!
 **remember i decided to have me a great Holiday in spite of my less than optimal reality**

hee hee

The Party started at 4 pm at My sister Becca's house.

Homemade pizza was on the menu! 
Thanks to becca and S.I.L.- Marti  YUM YUM!

The men stayed behind on the couches watching the ute's game to let the big dinner  embed itself in their fat deposits as
us girls enjoyed a workout taking the munchkids out to Trick or Treat!

Is it really pathetic that one of my fav. things about going door to door is....

peeping into strangers homes to check out their decor?

We went to a house that should absolutely be on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens!

and i made sure i told her so!

She is my new neighbor so maybe if youre good girls i will take some pics
(at least the outside) for you to see!

The moms had a lil' too much sugar and we started dancing down streets to keep warm.
Good times Marti,  Good times!  :)

I hope you had a great Halloween and got to spend it with the ones you Love!

Here are some of the Vignettes going on at my sis's house
this Halloween,   Enjoy!

xoxo  shell

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  1. Yes Shell, good times. LOL I'll never forget shain' it down the broken up street with you.