Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Town that Time forgot...

Spring City, UT

The town is chucked full of

antiques,  rust,  chippy paint,  old crafts, and a

simple way of life!

I wanted to chew on this piece of delicious ...

but it was up to high and would have caused a scene.

hubby looked pretty bummed when i

spotted this sign!  :)

Very old  LDS church
with balcony seats in the chapel!

Next year...

I'm bringing a bike!
There was a whole lotta walkin!

People live in these homes.
It is an entire town full of historical registry homes!

Old cellar door


Old signage

Pottery House's Kilns

Breakfast in bed

Beautiful lady

Kids play

My greatest Treasures!

Yummy hunk of old metal!

We had a magical time in Historic Spring City

this weekend!

Our 3rd annual trip there on Memorial weekend.

xoxo   shell


  1. I need that old tricycle! How cute is that. I love that you guys go do this every year. do you spend the night or just make it a day? what a great family you have to hunt with you!

  2. I am glad you finally went when some of those houses are actually open!
    I have a picture of me in front of that old church...the picture is so old, it could actually be an antique too..I think i was 19 way back when it was taken!
    Spring City is the coolest.
    PS went to Restore today, thought of you!

  3. Went to the restore in Orem. Didn't know there was one in SL! Gotta check that out. There was way more furniture this time, more carpet, old books, countertops. I got a cool mailbox, but nothing else and Easter decor donated from Roberts..interesting place. I did spend an hour just dreaming though!

  4. Hi Rachelle,
    What a great outing. I loved the green and yellow "Grand Entrance"...and the bikes outside the Inn. But my favorite photo from this Post was your little Sweetpea with her hands on her hips. Too cute for words!!!
    I hear ya on the 'Invisible Obstacle' deal...I think this world is just SO full of distractions and brain overload, that it's easy to just throw our hands up and say, "Uncle". But then everyday is a new day and some are better than others. I loooooved reading about your "laundry folding" day. It brought a smile to my face. And there's nothing Dr. Pepper can't cure. Ha!
    Your "Mimi-Me" photo shoot was out-of-control!!! So So Cute! That's one you'll never regret. Someday you'll have to Scrapbook all of those. : )
    Have a great day,

  5. Spring City looks like an awesome place to visit! What a great bunch of history! I love the shot of the cellar door and that "grand entrance" is truly grand!!
    By far the sweetest though are the pictures of your "greatest treasures"!

  6. I came over from House of Smith's blog and have enjoyed looking around your blog. You have a great sense of style and such fun ideas.

    Spring City is such a fun place to visit on Memorial Day weekend. I love the small town feel and that you still see horse and buggies riding down main street (even when they aren't having festivals).

    What a small world though. The photo you took of the "Antique Market" is in front of my inlaws place and we were visiting them that weekend (they have been redoing the theater, restaurant, blacksmith/butcher shop). Also your sister Rebecca is in my ward (she is such a fun/cute person). If I see you in Spring City next year I will have to say hello!