Wednesday, June 2, 2010

T is for Tiny Clothing

"T" is for

"Tiny skirts"

My Lou lou and i wanted to do a mommy~daughter

craft together today.

Liberty Biberty inspired us to create tiny clothes!

(you gotta check her out...she has real talent...not fiddle with fabric glue (me) talent)


This lil'  doll house sized skirt has

a tiny, hand dyed, tule, hem.

Lou lou designed and made this lil'

piece of muchness!

She is 6.

i for one would buy her pieces should she

ever become a fashion designer.

The final skirt was my 4 year old son's

design.  perty and simple.

(he was soooo cute.  he wanted so badly to make a

real sized dress for his lil sister Kie.

He was sure she could ...

"look so pretty at church" if he could make it the  right size.


I am so blessed to stay home and play with

my babies.  I hope we are making memories for

a lifetime....

i sure remember each and every craft i did
as a child with my grandmother.

oh how i wish i woulda paid more attention
to her lessons on sewing and painting....

 I miss her so!

T is for tiny clothes!

xoxo  shell

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  1. I love the tiny clothes you made. What fun! Your grandmother sounds special.

  2. Okay... I just BUSTED out laughing, when I read your comment that you just left.
    That is SO my life, sometimes!

    [us laying in bed... me turning off the light and rolling over]

    Cason: " you DID see that I folded ALL the laundry... right?.......hello?"


    Thanks for keeping it real. :)

  3. What a lovelt T post. Love the tiny clothes.

  4. Those are so very precious! I must admit I think that Loulou's is my favorite! She has some talent even at the ripe old of age of 6!!!

  5. Who says you are not crafty?!? How fun! And super adorable!

  6. What an adorable craft to do with your kids!!!

  7. So adorable! I remember making doll clothes with my Mom when I was a child. Wonderful memories. Happy "T" day!

  8. These tiny clothes are totally terrific! Thanks to you for posting this today! Come join me soon! Anne

  9. How absolutely GORGEOUS!!
    Will you frame them, how cute would that look on the wall!!
    You have a very talented family!
    Funnily enough Liberty designed her own dress the other day but she gave me the picture and told me to 'sew all day and make it'!
    And thanks for all the lovely comments you leave me, you really make my day!

  10. I loved this post. I too have made Barvie clothes so much fun and much cheaper as well as memory building

  11. That's totally sweet. It's never too late to learn crafts.

  12. Oh my, those little skirts are so cute!! And your children surely have a gift for fashion!! Love them xoxo

  13. Look! A tiny craft accomplished! I am so excited...I love them too and I think your 6 year old and my 4 year old were cut from the same mold...many think H will be in fashion some day!

  14. those are adorable, what a great craft to do :D

  15. what a fun craft...and how cute is your son...that would have lifted my heart to hear a little one say how pretty his sister would look in church. darling!

  16. What a treasure of a "T" post!

    These are darling! And what wonderful memories you are making for all your children!

    Thank you for this terrific stop on Alphabe-Thursday!


  17. How cute are those tiny clothes. Very cute. Neat thing to do with your kids, how fun.

  18. Yes, you are very lucky to stay home. My oldest "baby" moved out Saturday (sniff, sniff). I also was lucky enough to stay home for the first 10 years. Enjoy those moments, they are worth more than gold. Hope you have a minute to come to my Tea Party at my blog. There is plenty of hot tea and desserts if you hurry up LOL I'm a follower!


  19. How cute they all are!

    Susan and Bentley

  20. T is also for terrific!
    What terrific memories you're making with your little ones!

  21. What a beautiful post! "Tiny" is a wonderful T-word. And "Tiny Clothes" is so special. I made so many dolls and doll clothes BEFORE my daughter was born. But now that I finally have this precious daughter, I hardly use my sewing machine. (Somehting that I will change!) I just have been too tired. But she is at an age when tiny clothes are important!
    Thanks for sharing!
    You have really given me food for thought.
    Best wishes,

    Anna's Ts

  22. What an adorable family you have!

    Your children are just the cutest things ever...

  23. I gotta say my favorite is the one your son made and wanted to make for his little sister. Too sweet.

    Great T.

  24. it looks like you all had a great time....I love making things with my do they!