Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fancy caught a Fish

My Lou lou outfished the boyz!

Sometimes we get caught up in duties....

We can easily lose sight  of  the joys in life!

Every family is different....

but for us,

We love getting out in nature and

having fun together.

hangin out at the house all the time = messes and
stress for me.

Going to local venues can mix it up and be fun sometimes.

But there is nothing like The great Outdoors for us!

Going on drives....

We delight in the freedom of No Walls.

There is somethin about  family outtings

that reminds us of how fond we are of eachother and

it makes life (and our duties)  so much more


(or at least tolerable)


xoxo shell

1 comment:

  1. Shell, such a sweet post! Hope your week is wonderful. ~ Angela (Shell is my sis' nickname!)