Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Indecisive Decorating

I am having a lil' problem making up my mind .....

I love decorating .....

All Kinds.

So when it comes to pegging exactly what it is that

i am going to do with a space....

i may be a bit indecisive.

I am lovin'  this bed.

It is so....

princess and the pea.
which is not the direction i was origionally

going with my daughter Lou lou's room.

Maybe i can find a happy medium.


Princess and the Pea ....

meets Princess.....

...of the ball...

This precious Vanity now belongs to my
she scored at a garage sale for $15.

.....maybe i can convince her that she doesn't really
like it as much as she thinks she does...

and that it would be better off  in Lou's room!



Any advice on the matter???

xoxo  shell


  1. Sorry friend, no advice. You're the decorating expert. I just go with what 'feels' right. J

  2. Advice~ COME TO MICHIGAN!! I am sure you could find one...maybe even better at all the spring/ summer treasure hunts oops I mean rummage sales :) Ok ok I'll keep my eye open for ya....

    ps.... does Matt know he is pulling a trailer from MI to Utah?? LoL
    Luv ya
    The Cherry Queen.... 4 now

  3. Just found your blog. You are adorable. I struggle with both indecisiveness and perfectionism that can stop me from getting anything done. I make things for other people more than myself because I can let go and not have the mental block of perfectionism, lol. (I know that is why God gave me 6 boys...the help me let go.)