Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Velvet Baby

Our baby girl, "Popples",  is sick.

We took her in yesterday to Amor Animal Hospital.

She wasn't being her playful, happy, lovable, spunky, self.

so we figured we should check it out.

though she is on some medication,
she has a bad infection and might not get better.

this may sound silly to some,  but our hearts are hurting.

She is our little velvety baby and she is in pain.

the kids asked daddy to say a prayer and give her a special blessing.

afterall, she is part of our family.

Snuggle your pet today!
cuz you just never know.

xoxo  shell


  1. I am sorry for your sad news! I hope she will get better soon. Poor little thing. My prayers are for you.

  2. Hi Rachelle,
    Oh what a perfect name...Popples!!! How cute! But I'm sorry to hear she is sick. I already sent up a little prayer.
    I Laughed Out Loud (for real) at your comment today because I just watched 'Pee-Wee' with Sara about two weeks ago. My older kiddos all saw it, but somehow Sara, the baby, missed out on that little treat. I had to tell her what you wrote.: ) My favorite part is the dance Pee-Wee does in those ridiculous shoes. Gets me EVERY TIME!!!
    Take care,
    Mary Lou

  3. Sorry to here about popples...hope she'll be better soon.

  4. Hi Rachelle!
    I sure hope Popples is feeling better today!

    Love the "Princess & the pea" bed...what little girl wouldn't love to climb into that at night!!