Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wax Cake

It's my Hubby's birthday today....


He is my old....

but very hot....


Happy birthday baby!

I put the candles in the cake a little too early.

The cake was hot out of the  oven and they melted inside it.

(sadly... very typical of  most of my baking experiences)


xoxo shell


  1. Nothin finer than wax cake! Sounds very filling.
    Happy birthday to matt! Hope number 30 is wonderful.

  2. That's quite funny! Hope he has a grand birthday! 30 is great!

  3. Hi Rachelle. I finally made my way over here and have been reading backwards through many of your posts about your interesting life. I hope things are on the way up for you, though it sounds you are one strong woman who could make it through anything. Your story has truly touched my heart. "Chin up young person" is a favorite line from a movie I love and I think it so applies to you. Blessings and abundance to you and your sweet little family...