Thursday, September 24, 2009

This Feels Right!

Well we just couldn't go another day without dad so we
decided that we would head to Walla Walla on  Saturday afternoon/evening
instead of waiting til Sunday morning.

We missed him terribly....(after only 2 weeks apart)...
so we went off into the night to find him.

I thought that the children had a long eventful day so they
would surely go to sleep in the car around 8pm and remain in blissful slumber
for the remainder of the trip (until 2am)
No problem right?  I mean they sleep at home every night from 8pm- 8:30 am..
why would this be any different?

I would listen to my favorite cd's and eat chocolate and adore the scenery while hooked up to my caffeine I.V.
(Dr. Pepper of course)........

We were on our way to dad......
Everything was going to be wonderful.

Well....... ha ha ha  and  Ha!

The wild dingos in the backseat were also all hopped up on D.P. and chocolate 
further fueled by their excitement to see their father at last!

There were a few lil' cat naps but nothing deep enough to give me
any part of my pretty picture in my head.

Oh and the cd player got too hot to play any cd's right out of south jordan......

 There would be No favorite music.....
No peaceful site seeing...

There would be however,  excess sharing of  favorite chocolate and 
not enough caffiene to go around ....and lots of chatting, bickering and 

We pulled into Matt's Hotel around 2am ....
he came out to greet us and carry in what he was assuming to be sleeping
children  ..........and suddenly it was all so worth it!  

This is how it is suppose to be .......

Families all together in one place..... working through whatever this  way comes....


  1. Lovin the new furniture:) The couch that is..anyway..glad you are with your hubby..he is probably more fun than we are anyway :)

  2. I am glad you made it. Families are meant to be together! Just knowing you are gone is sad for me, but I am glad you are with those you love most!