Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Fonder Heart...

My Best friend left a few days ago to start his part of this journey.
He  is working in Walla Walla, Washington,  and awaiting our safe arrival (the kids and me).
The first night he was away he called before falling asleep.

He was already lonely and felt bad about leaving me to deal with reality all alone.
But here's the thing,  I'm not alone at all.   I have wonderful friends and an amazing family

here cheering me on and showing up unexpected "just to help" .

Oh, and there is someone else in my life that is "rooting"  for me.

We all may call him something different.  I personally refer to him as my Heavenly Father.

I just could not be pulling this off without  him.  That's all there is to it!

Where i am weak,  He makes me strong.

Sometimes He calms the storm.....Sometimes He calms His child.

Maybe He is doing both for me right now,  i  dont know.  I do know He is calming me.  His child.

Single mom by day  (temporarily)..... scurrying, crazy lady by night.

Anyways.  My temstimony of Him has grown.  That whole... footsteps in the sand ...

yah-  i believe!

and as for the man in Walla Walla waiting for me.....................

my heart is growing fonder of him everyday!


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  1. And do you know what Rachelle, sometimes He lets you swim. You will be okay!!