Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Clocking Out For the Day

I decided that if i wanted to have a better day than i had yesterday,
that i needed to be proactive about it.
So i jumped in the vehicle, strapped the kids into their car seats....
(that alone can help)
and decided to "clock out"  for the day.
I went for a long ride to a friends.
It was just what i needed.
The day included a visit to my favorite
thrift shop.... A ride on a little carriage pulled by a pony....
throwing some rocks into a river....and then McDonalds.
I'm telling you.....Just what the Dr. ordered.
I skipped out on a couple of appts.  i had  for today ......
and sorry but it felt wonderful! 
(i was voted class rebel in High School)
In 3 more days i will be on my way to my husband's side.
It was nice to "skip" a day and be one more notch closer to
the big day.....
Because the day I leave =  all done packing and arranging and
planning!    The big day means i move on.
...and that sounds like a good thing to do!
"sometimes good things fall out of our lives to make way for great things"
....(i got that from a friend)  thanks mikell!
night yall!   xoXo  shell

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  1. Glad you had a better day. (friends are good for that)