Saturday, July 31, 2010

There is somethin about  BRIGHT SCREAMING colors

that delights and intrigues me!

it's Magical and whimsical...

Dollhouse~ish,  playful and happy!


But then there is this side of me that gets overwhelmed easily,

so i gravitate towards  more muted palettes....

Maybe ,,,  i just need  a POP!!!  on the Walls...

a spotty, patina~like, POP!

and then  muted furniture and accessories.



But i love this  creamy dreamy palette sooo much too!

i think i would get bored and start conjouring up a

way to bring in some sort of colors....

who knows????

I guess i just need  2 homes.

one that is bright and fun...
( I'll name that one .....My Nanny Mcphee house)

and another that is more subtle  and relaxing...
(I'll name this one;  My Muted House in Paris)


yah~  i'm liking this! 

hee hee hee..

(You'll have to excuse all the "hee hee's" .....thats just  my budget...... laughing at me)

ahhh,  someday...

xoxo shell

1 comment:

  1. LOL, Rachelle! You and I sound a lot alike...that's why I have dollhouses...I live out my decorating fantasies in miniature!