Monday, July 12, 2010

So Cute!

My sista drug me outta the house again....

and this is where her tooked me!


This lil cupcake shop in salt Lake...

and as you can see...

it was sooo open!

The menu was sooo cute!

and so were the toddlers that
came with us...

my niece

my daughter


if you live around these here parts....

I suggest you soooo CHECK IT OUT!

xoxo  shell


  1. OH my goodness!!! That is just the super-cutest place!! There is absolutely nothing like that in my country!

  2. OH I LOVE SO CUPCAKE! So glad you found it! We had them do my sister's wedding shower 2 yrs ago. I LOVE their Red Velvet cake! Mmmmm. The owner's story is pretty incredible too!

  3. Hi Rachelle,
    I'm barely hanging on in the blogging world these days. I've been MIA from all my favorite places. But I enjoyed catching up over here this morning. The little "tea" party you held in your home looks like it was a hit!!! What a good mom.
    Also, the pic of you and the Mr. while at the Manti Pageant was gorgeous!
    I was sorry to read how hard life can be somedays for you. If you ask any grown woman (middle-aged and above) they will all tell you that they went through a season in their life where they were just barely hanging on, like you expressed. I know I sure did!!!
    Hang in will be so worth it. One day all this will be a memory. You're doing great. : )

  4. Mmmm soo lovely cupcake and I so love the so picture wall!
    So good pictures you took;)