Monday, December 21, 2009

The Magic I see at Christmas Time

To:  You
From: Me

children giddy with excitement.....

Packages wrapped up in  Ribbons...

 Sleigh Rides.......

Candy filled tins tied with Bows....

Piles of Presents wrapped and awaiting their debut...

Lit up Trees, Great and Small, Reminding us to Look to the Heavens....

Gum Drop Lanes and Jelly Bean Trees...

That *Twinkle in the eyes of every child....

Young and Old alike, Pray for Peace on Earth.

The Birth of  A Savior.. Yours and Mine!

May Your Holidays be Filled with Wonder
and The True Meaning of Christmas!

God Bless You!

xoxo  shell


  1. I there, you don't know me but I found your blog link on a friend's blog. I was just wondering where you got your "I am Mormon" link that is on your page?

    By the way, it is super fun reading about your families adventures. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Hey there Kristi, if you right click the

    "i am Mormon" tag and then click "save picture as". and hit save. then you can go into your blog and "add a gadget" in the right hand column. then scroll down and click on "pictures". then upload your "i am mormon" tag from your pictures by clicking "browse".

    After your picture is uploaded..
    above it there is a "LINK" space. Highlite the following link address and right click it and hit "copy". then you can "paste" it in your "link" space above your uploaded "mormon" tag picture.

    that way when people click on it they can be directed to the church investigator website.

    if you just want the picture... then you can just right click on mine, save picture as and you are good to go to just load the picture in to your gadgets.

    I hope this makes any sort of sense. lol

    What is your Blog? i would love to come visit!

    thanks , shell

  3. Ok thanks, I will give it a try :) My blog address is: