Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On The Road Again...

We are T minus 4days until we are

on the road again.

It has been great being home for the Holidays!

But reallity calls!

We gotta get back to Hotel Living and
exploring new surroundings!

The itinerary says Vacaville, CA until April (at least)
It will be an adventure for sure!

No looking back though...

no guilt trips for things past...

no longing for the "old days" when money was

not an issue.

Eyes on the Prize!

Focus with faith on the Future!

Don't wanna be turned into a pile of salt...
like Lot's wife.

Looking Forward to Fruits of our Labors and Sacrifices
a couple of years from now.

"The best prize that life has to offer is working
hard at work worth doing"

T. roosevelt

(...and for the record...
my family is definately work worth doing!)

In other news...
Here's some Random eyecandy ...

I sure am gonna miss my cozy decor...

Oh yah...and my friends and family too.

hee hee hee...

xoxo  shell

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  1. Good Luck!! You are truly an inspiration.....amazing!!