Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beautiful Mess

Well it is Tuesday....


It literally feels like i have been in some
kind of coma for the past 5 days....

I loaded up the children
and our  *vintage luggage*...
(trips are better with vintage baggage....serious.)

and we headed to California on Friday.

We never made it.


The old family ride did not come through for us.

grrr hmmm ^&*% blizzabur, shnagga meising,
(trust me ...it's for your own good that this is incoherent babble)

We did maked it to Perty Reno tho'...


We even got ter stay in the
world famous Aloha Inn.....

(dont quote me on the world famous part)

No worries....

Hubby drove from cali to reno to come
support his blubbering, cussing, wife.

and wallah...

just like that....

2 days and an unexpected $1300.00 later

We had us a new catalytic converter and
we was on our way....

for about 40 minutes....

til  bessie let us down yet again.


her was still broked.

we dicided....


we droved to cali anyhow!

we just stopped....
a lot.

This whole time i was sooo

The flu.

so it really all seems like a hot mess of a blur to me.

Which isnt how you want the first 5 days of
Your family vacation to go...

well...being the mom i am...

i dragged my  sweaty, snorty, dizzy,
self outta bed and  took my kids to one of our

old favorite parks around these parts.

It really does not seem like 10 months since we
were living in a hotel room here.

But Thank MaLord it's in the past!

Our life is best described by these 2 words....


??  What words best describe your life lately??


xoxo  shell


  1. EVER CHANGING. Whether good or bad, I don't have much time to get used to it, because my life is in constant motion. Sometimes I feel like I'm just trying to hold on to the caboose instead of leading the train like I'd like to. But I just keep moving, just like at the gym, keep movin (hopefully in the forward position). Love you lots, J

  2. Okay, so that probably wouldn't have been Kayla's repsonse. Her's would have been much more profound. It was just mine, but I must be signed into her acct. J

  3. OH MY GARSH!!! :) I'm am sitting here in amazement of you!! U are AHHHHMAZING!! And I totally relate to the cussing at the darn cars!!! As for my life's description?? WILD RIDE!!!! :)

  4. Oh, I sooo want to hear that cussing in person! I hope it made you feel better!
    I love you girl..you keep me going, I hope your trials that come in 3's are over, and the blessings come a flowin!
    My description..control freak!