Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Her Majesty 's Face Lift

This here is the inside of ...

Her Majesty!

That is what i am naming my vintage camper.

We have already took it camping once but .....

it wasn't Glamping worthy really...

not yet anyways...

Her Majesty is getting a


She is primed any ready to be painted....

a real perty color!

By this weekend....

She will truly be....

 The Queen of Glamping!!!

xoxo  shell

tune in Monday for the Results!


  1. I love the idea of "glamping". Cant wait to see here majesty after her nip and tuck :)

  2. ***very*** nice.
    congrats on entering the
    glamping family!

    my husband and i took our
    vintage trailer to Lake Tahoe
    last weekend. we were part
    of the vintage trailer rally
    where you deck out and stage
    your way cool vintage trailer
    and let the general public
    have a tour. there were 66
    trailers on display .. including
    ours. it was a great experience
    and we'll be doing it again
    for sure.

    pictures are on my blog.
    just click **glamping** on
    my sidebar and it'll take you
    to oodles of pics from the