Friday, September 3, 2010

The Magic of Balloons

Today i woke up in a strangley chipper mood....

i think that my gym membership is giving me a lot more

than muscles....


i dropped off lou lou at school and told her....

"have a grand day baby girl!  and don't forget ...

it's Friday so it's short day..."

and at our house...

short day means  ICECREAM CONES after school!

The kids and i head out for a lil' Friday snack!

It gives us all a way to make it through the last day

until the weekend!

What am i babblin about....

Oh YAH~BAlloOnS!

I just love to make the kids' lives seem magical

every now and again...

and whenever i think about the beauty and magic of life....

My mind wanders to BAlloonS!

***they are soooo  whimsical to me***

I believe that, though this life is hard, OUr
Heavenly Father wants us to Find Happiness!

and by looking eachday for small PoPs of whimsy  around us
we can focus in on the joys and blessings of life better!

I wish  i could decorate our home in fresh flowers
and oversized balloons just for "everyday"!

Balloons to me are soooo

Magic lil bubbles of color ...

that can float iffa want em to!!!!

Origin unknown...(please share if you know so i can give credit where credit is due)

The munchkids and i were on our way to school this morning and
we saw hot air balloons in the sky....

What a way to start a day!

It was enchanting.


I couldnt help but oooh and awe over ...
those big balloons!

I have been looking for the big round
decorative balloons for sooo long...

I would love to just call the fam to dinner
and have a large helium balloon tied to each of their chairs!

Spotting the hot air balloons inspired me to
pick up my search efforts again...

I finally found  them!

You can get HUGE ones like this at

or just the jumbo rounds (below) at

Just incase any of you have wondered where to
get them too!

You are welcome.

Have a Magical day!
xoxo  shell 


  1. Great post, I too love balloons! One time I was picking up a huge bouquet to take to the school for lunch with principal, and I ran into the grocery to pick up the balloons. As i was watching the clerk fill them all up, I couldn't contain my excitement and I squealed "don't you just love balloons?". She looked at me and said with a smirk "how old are you?". Don't worry, I didn't let it ruin the fun!

  2. I am glad you had such a great day! Are you back at Lifetime?

  3. I heart every single thing about this fantastic post!!! I love that we have so much in common. My husband thinks it's only me with these obsessions!! LOL. Your blog is great. New follower ; )