Wednesday, April 6, 2011

May your Day be Pink and Bright

La stanza di giuggiola

I  am in dire need of PINK and Pretty
stuff today!

i am on the verge of a RUT...

i must rebel against the rut!

so this is a just a quick post dedicated to

Pink, Happy, Pretty, stuffs!

this is the best advice i have heard in a

long time.

so...YES...I  THINK I  WILL!

xoxo  shell


  1. I just got a pink bike. And it still feels good to ride down a hill with the wind blowing my hair back!!!

  2. Yes, you are right it is me I was there last June when our daughter had her baby, some of my Posts were deleted because of our daughters hubby is now in Panic at the disco! and I was getting some stalkers... But it's me it is in Salt Lake City and right in the same center is the cutest Shops, send me your e-mail and I will share the pictures with you! oxox, Diane

    I am sooo.... sorry do read about your brother but really such a twist to his life, he was on a mission from above!

  3. Hey there!
    I did a google search for pink cupcakes and your blog popped up. I love it! I was sorry to read about your little brother. He was a hero.
    Jen =)