Friday, March 18, 2011

Pot o' Gold

Around here.....
We believe in ANY excuse to celebrate!

Serious!... Any reason to have an extra~ordinary day

Yes Pleez!

We celebrate short days at school
by getting icecream every Friday
after i pick the kids up!

We look forward to every  new day really...

What will it hold?
What will happen?

What  will we accomplish?
What fun will we conjure up?

What oppurtunities will present themselves?

Life Is FUN!


..if you tell me ...

That there is a chance that Leprichauns may show
up at my house in search of shiny treasure....

Then count me in Yo!

"I Will Decorate with Clovers,
put up Rainbows and Pots o' gold
on my walls...

and even dress the ENTIRE family IN

We are all smiles here on st. Patty's!


some of us could barely keep our pants on!!!!

(yumm....toddler butt on the kitchen table!!!)

can u say...409  ?!!

Green eggs and ham for supper....

(does slightly, barely, sorta green, count ???)

oh yah.. and bacon...instead of ham???

same animal right???

and ...

Finally...Any excuse to wear my
New Gold sequin shoes from Decades!!!

I went with the "pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow "
ensamble for my St. Patty's get up.

I even attended Parent Teacher Conferences in this
very same outfit!

am i becoming "THAT" embarassing mom???


I tell my kids....

"i feed you...
you need me"...

hee hee

xoxo  shell

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog-- In response to your question on the awning-- there is a lip above the door probably at the top of the trailer maybe?? it feeds into that slip.... email me here if need for other questions...