Monday, March 14, 2011

Pink~ness and Nickel Auctions

You won't even believe this but.....

i got the flu again....

3rd time since  Jan. 20th.

(it was a doozy...i even called my sister and

asked her to take care of me and my kids for the day)

(i don't ask for help....)

so you know it was bad.

(ps   i still have walking pneumonia)

I've been feelin  guck!

so when i felt better on Friday night...


I new i had to go to drastic measures to
pick myself up!

so PINK it was!!!

Pink sweater......

and Pink flower necklace!!!!......

shoes: D.I.   $2.00
sweater: Rag time 2nd hand store  $3.00
necklace: Downeast $5.00

Feeling pretty in Pink...

YUP!  YOU know where this is going......


and my sister took me to my very first NICKEL AUCTION!!!

there is a whole nother WORLD out there!!!

and i'm sooo gonna host my own...

very soon...

so get ready girls!!!

****don't drop anything else off at the

save it for my upcoming nickel auction!!!

xoxo shell

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  1. Hi Rachelle! I love reading your blog - you always inspire me and make me laugh. Sorry I never get to comment - I'm usually holding my baby and using my "rocking time" to click through blogs as fast as I can. I have tried commenting with one hand and a baby in the other, but it isn't pretty (and VERY bad for my nerves). look so cute in pink, sorry about the flu, Disneyland looked so fun (you're a trooper to be sick and still function on vacation), congrats on the house, and so sorry about the flooding...see I read, just don't comment. :) Have a great day!