Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fashion Savvy Youngstas

Lou Lou had a sleep over

this weekend.

The girls decided they wanted to be fashion designers.

They wanted to make a real dress!

(so guess who got to make a dress.....hmmmm)


We took an existing tank top and hand sewed it

to the pink and black polka dot fabric.

The girls each took turns puttin on the dress while

the other one added thier own touches to the design!

They loved learning how to sew by hand...
and i loved teachin em!

this is them at the end of their fashion show....

(....and this is how they normal look.....)

ha ha LOL...JK

It turned out pretty cute...

but then they started talking about who got to
wear it to church/school first......


that was my Cue to leave the room.....

love those lil ladies!

xoxo  shell

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