Friday, August 28, 2009


So just in order to leave .....and begin our journey of traveling the country
with the 5 of us staying in hotels...and homeschooling..(ha ha ..i know)..
we are awaiting a replacement for my husband Matt's
Wyoming based job...
So while exact dates are still up in the air...
It is a certain thing that we are leaving.
The house will be up for sale in the next 2 weeks.
The packing has begun...
We will store a lot of our things in the basement of Matt's parents' home.
(which we will call home after our house least for a little while)
But we will also be leaving the home fully staged for the buyers!
We have renters in our basement apartment on opposite
shifts of eachother so there will be a
constant vigil on our house....
(which i am only stating because i know some of my friends
would love to see me off and scurry in to carry my famous treasures away) j/k stage of the sacrificing has however begun.....
Instead of Mekenzie attending all day public school until Sept. 21st......
This mother was "helped" into an earlier date of Homeschooling than origionally planned for.
This due to the possible lack of communication.
You see, i recieved a phone call tuesday asking me why i brought the school a request
for release of my child for homeschooling and then sent her to school the next day.
Well.... i had thought that i was merely getting a possibly long process started.
Little did i know they were erasing her from their data base the very moment i left the school.
( though i left with the understanding that the office would call me and let me know what i further needed to complete the process. Noone asked me a reason or a date.)
So back to the phonecall....The woman told me i needed to pick up my daughter
immediately. Because she was no longer welcome on school grounds as she was no longer registered there. her tone was a : "like duh" sort of tone.
and then this blog, i have decided to keep, popped into my head.
So....I obviously handled this 'tiny' oversight with all the Grace that my little
body could conjour up.
Afterall.....Lemons to lemonade girls!

xoxo shell


  1. Oh Shell, you where ALOT nicer about the whole situation than I would have been. Good job!

  2. Love this blog idea. It will be so fun to follow you in your journey, plus we are really going to miss you so this will help ease our pain. Good luck!!

  3. Rachelle, some days you will say to yourself,"why me, I am a good person, why am I having these trials" You are doing a good thing to try and make the best possible situation for your children. They will look at you and Matt and say you are so strong, and you are wonderful parents. You will get through this.

  4. Here we are. We'll be following with you as you go. Know there's always a place for you here, and you'll always be in our thoughts and prayers. I hope you have good cell phone coverage so Cade and B can continue to talk. Love you lots, RJAKLEB

  5. Okay, so this computer is always set on Aubrey as the user. I think you'll be able to tell whether it's me or AJ writing. I'm liking the tuness too.