Friday, August 28, 2009

A Dream on hold...

...i followed through with something for once ...
i have had many a grandeur idea over the years...
inventions, and one could offer the public at a charge...
(clean up your minds girls!  I'm talking running someones errands grocery shopping for new mothers)  naughty , naughty girls!  :)
Anywho....i had a dream to open a vintage boutique...
and i did it!  
It was so empowering to intend to do something and then 
take all the necessary steps to make it happen!
I opened my own boutique online...The House of Whimsy Decor .com
and in lue of the upcoming itinerary i had to delete all items for sale and
take them to a wonderful  local boutique that i consign at - Home Again.
It was hard...i felt like i was giving up or failing.... but the thought that i was
doing something wonderful for my family...the belief  that it is my children's time right now...
not mine..... quickly won over my pitty party i had begun to throw for myself.
but i will look at this as - my dream on hold...just for a season...
that's what life is about right? long or short as they might be, is
sometimes up to us.
That is why we are packing up camp and taking on this crazy feat...
We could let  the financial situation that our down economy has presented us with,
for possibly decades...snowballing..
or we could do something about it!  .........
and so we are. 
When  the going gets tough, the tough gets going ...
for a  while, we sacrifice so we can get back in a comfortable position once again!
thankyou to all my loyal customers
i will surely be back.... in another season!
xoxo shell 
meanwhile, i know this great little place

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  1. Hey Sis I will sure miss the wonderful finds you had! Love ya... and I know in the future you will have that dream back, how could you not? it's pretty much sewn into the fabric of your soul. You're one tough cookie.