Friday, November 19, 2010

Chaos...just part of my day.


i am  like most of you...


I cannot find a slow day to catch my breath!


as i'm sure you well know....

when life gets put on high speed....

an angry lil' , unpleasent, monster shows his face...


is his name.


making me wanna run and cry ...

is his game.

Here's an example for ya:

Rushing Lou to school on thursday
after a very late night of homework on wednesday
thanks to 5 trips to the dance studio, 4 trips to my sisters,
volunteer reading at the oldest's school for 2 hours,
taking kade to afternoon preschool,
a 2 hour Dr.s appt for me, then picking up youngest
from my M.i.l.  (at a department store)
rushing  to get the oldest on time from school...
then 5 minutes to get kade from preschool before i owe the 
teacher for getting there late......!!!!!!
then here is where the 5 trips to dance comes in.

The last being at 9:20 pm...then home for homework.

(i'm not in a homework mood at this point.)

(neither is the 2nd grader that is suppose to be doing it)

**so in comes rushing lou to school thursday morning**

then i'm off to sisters for a part of kade's costume.

He is in a play today. It's his school Pow Wow.

Thanksgiving celebration.

Did i mention i have 2 hours to shower myself and bathe
2 children, get together face paints (im painting 35 kids faces at the party)  and blankies for the lawn and
 get said boy's costume together....

Oh yah! 
and ...

i forgot to order the cheese cube platters.
and i need apple cider ...lots of apple cider.

head to the store to see what i can pull

with cute tooth picks in them of course!

i buy about $30 bucks worth and
then $16 worth of apple cider.

Jump in the car and head straight to the party...

opening cheese curd bags in the car on the way over...

SLAM on the breaks (idiot driver at 12 oclock) :)

$20 of cheese curd  FLIES into the air.

and lands on the dirty floor.


(i choose not to cry)
(cuz my eye makeup looks really great today)

but i can't hold back a couple of choice words....


hope that 50 people don't mind sharing 12
tiny chunks of  cheese curd.

Upon arriving...

I step in a large pile of

(dont mind that they dont even own a dog)
I'm just that lucky.

before reallizing i stepped in the poo...

It was not pretty.

It stunk bad too.

It could be smelled throughout the entire
Pow wow party.

Race off to pick up Lou.
Head home to BREATHE.

OOPS_ Parent teacher conferences!

back out the door!

*** so here is the question;****

How does one run a home and run errands without
running AMUCK????



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  1. Thanks for my "out loud" laugh of the day - I thought my day was bad today when I sucked up a portion of a vintage crocheted table cloth that I have draped over a footstool, with the vacuum -which of course, made the belt start to melt and the whole house was stinking like hot rubber - all 1 hour before my club ladies arrive for a little tea party.
    But your dog poo definately trumps my burning rubber.
    Love your writing style.